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Information about legal weddings and romantic beach ceremonies in Aruba

Aruba is a great destination for your civil wedding at our historical town hall, renewal ceremony or romantic beach blessing.
Aruba is a proud, happy, welcoming, easy-going, sun-loving island that enjoys more return visitors than any island in the Caribbean.

Saying "yes I do" is a big step. It marks the beginning of your future together, and of course planning a wedding from a distance can be a big challenge. But relax there are plenty experienced and qualified wedding planners on Aruba who can arrange everything for just the two of you or big groups.


How is the weather on Aruba ?
In Aruba the newspapers almost never publish a weather report. They don't need to. "sunny and warm" is not news. With an average rainfall of less than 20 inches a year, an average daytime temperature of 82° Fahrenheit (27° Celsius) a location outside the hurricane belt, and the constant cooling influence of the trade winds, Aruba is one of the most temperate islands in the Caribbean. And just as comfortable in July as it is in January.

Aruba civil wedding

All legal civil weddings take place in the historical town hall of Aruba.

In 1986 the estate was sold to the government of Aruba, together with the adjacent Hotel Colombia building with the stipulation that both the buildings would be restored. Over the years the building fell into ruin and later the roof was destroyed beyond repair by a large fire, and only ruins remained.
It was restored and combined with the Hotel Colombia building into a new Aruba town hall complex, and currently houses a council hall and function spaces for the performance of civil marriage ceremonies on Aruba.

Weddings are possible from Monday till Friday (10am-11:30am & 2pm-3:30pm) Closed on Wednesday afternoon.

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Aruba wedding documents

Attention: There is still a lot of old information on the web and Aruba forums concerning documents. This website is updated frequently.


Personuppgifter om brudparet, adress, telefon (hem och arbete), yrken samt önskat     bröllopsdatum och tid.
Kopia på pass.
Personbevis med bägge föräldrarnas namn.
Om aktuellt: slutliga skilsmässohandlingar, dödsintyg av tidigare maka/make, adoptionshandlingar eller intyg om eventuella namnändringar.

Dokument som personbevis och äktenskapscertifikat beställs från Skatteverket. Dokumenten kan beställas på engelska. Äktheten och översättningen måste legaliseras genom en Apostille-stämpel av en Notarius Publicus eller Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. En förteckning över Notarius Publicus kan ni hitta hos Länsstyrelsen i ert län.

Vi behöver dessa minst ca. 30 dagar innan vigseln. Nu kan ni bara se framemot ert romantiska bröllop i det tropiska Aruba!

Efter hemkomsten till Sverige ska vigseln registreras hos Skatteverket för att bli giltig i Sverige. Ni kan antingen gå till närmaste Skattekontor och visa upp vigselintyget från Aruba i original, eller ta en kopia som vidimeras av två personer och skickas till Skatteverkets Folkbokföringskontor i Stockholm.

  For UK citizens, apostilles could be obtained at The Legalisation Office, Norfolk House 437, Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes Mk9 2AH Telephone 01908 295111 Fax 01908 295122 Email:


  Aruba civil wedding requirements: Update December 2016

Couple must submit a certificate of no impediment for bride and groom (also referred to as a single status report) This certificate of no impediment could be obtained at the bureau of vital statistics which is located in the department of health. Apostille needed.

For couples who are not been married before, an alternative for the certificate of no impediment is a notarized statement (Apostille needed)

Copy of birth certificate for bride and groom with the names of your parents and including an Apostille.This apostille could be obtained at the office of State (Secretary of State).

If either party has been divorced we need to receive a copy of the 1st and last page of the divorce decree(s). Apostille needed.

If either party is a widow(er) we need to receive a copy of the pertaining death certificate. Apostille needed.

Valid passports for the couple and their witnesses. Copy of the photo and detail pages need to be submitted.

Intention to marry form (ask your wedding planner)

All documents are to be faxed or e-mailed for review and then submitted by courier (i.e. FedEx) at least one (1) month prior to the desired wedding date.
  Documenten voor de schriftelijke aangifte en huwelijk:

Formulier voor de schriftelijke ondertrouw (vraag uw wedding planner)
Een uitvoerig uittreksel of afschrift van de geboorte-akte van de aanstaanden
Indien het vorige huwelijk(en) is ontbonden: uittreksels uit het echtscheidings - of overlijdensregister van de vorige(n) echtgenoot.
Verklaring van de burgerlijke staat van beiden.
Kopie paspoorten.
Kopie paspoorten van minimaal twee getuigen.
Click here for an example of the US apostille form

Click here for an example of the US certificate of no impediment.

Canadian citizens need a legalization of their birth certificates,single status report, divorce decrees by the consul of the Netherlands in Canada.

Aruba beach ceremonies

Allow Nature’s Caribbean Elements to combine with presentation and poetry, to create a perfect beginning in a beautiful tropical setting. Experience your dream in paradise with a wedding ceremony on the beach that touches the heart, mind, and soul forever. Whatever your hearts desire, love is in the air on Aruba. From barefoot in the sand beneath swaying palm trees to spectacular vistas from beach, cliff, deck, dune, pier, or reef, let Aruba’s natural wonders be your gateway to a memory of a lifetime.

Renewal of vows ceremonies “I still do” Tell the person that you most love in life that you would like to do it all over again. Relive, renew, and remake your special day. Revitalize and reaffirm your commitment with a new ceremony and a second honeymoon. Acknowledge the past but look forward to the future. Celebrate your life together. Rekindle the Romance! Re-ignite the Passion! Remarry Your One True Love!
Since Renewal of Wedding Vows require no advance paperwork these ceremonies can be booked on short notice and can be quickly and easily customized as a special surprise.


Eagle beach Aruba
A beautiful and quiet part of Eagle beach if you prefer some privacy, and not too much of attention

Arashi beach Aruba
Another beautiful and quiet public beach

Aruba is a proud, happy, welcoming, easy-going, sun-loving island that enjoys more return visitors than any island in the Caribbean.

Getting married on Aruba is becoming more popular every year. The island offers some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, with a wide choice of hotels, from large international chain resorts with luxury facilities to more intimate, European-style properties. Boasting superb diving and other water sports, the island is also ideal for those who enjoy golf, horse-riding – and shopping in one of the beautiful shopping malls in the island capital Oranjestad.

Aruba enjoys a sunny climate, making it a year-round paradise for residents and visitors alike. The average temperature is 82ºF (28ºC), with cooling trade winds and the rarity of tropical storms and hurricanes. Aruba lies outside the hurricane belt. Rainfall is very moderate, averaging about 16.1" (408.9 mm) per year.

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